Tips for Selecting the Right Bounce House

Bounce house rental
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April 5, 2018
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Tips for Selecting the Right Bounce House

Bounce house rental


If you want to purchase a bounce house from a bounce house rental Miami store then you have to remember four essential factors while choosing the make and model:

  • First, your child’s age. Kids ages 3 and lower need a small inflatable for toddlers and bigger kids can use the larger types. Usually, it’ll last a couple of more years and won’t be as helpless to wear since older kid’s weight more than toddlers. Some also are made for adults and teenager so ask the party rentals in Miami administrator for tips.
  • Now, your patio’s size becomes crucial as there’s no point purchasing a giant inflatable that it won’t fit on your terrace. Merely be realistic and take out a measurement before you are buying. But additionally, add space of three meters.
  • Inflatable castles cost between one hundred to over a thousand dollars! Now you can imagine the different price range as for how dynamic the inflatable would be. Your budget will take a beating if you don’t prepare so don’t get your heart set on a model that it’s excessively costly at checkout.
  • We think purchasing an inflatable castle online has changed the dynamics of how people buy stuff. You can check all the models, themes, and highlights they bring.
  • More importantly, the price as you could call and bargain with many stores including ourselves.

Safety guidelines

Indeed, bounce houses are a better choice than playgrounds or a skateboard:

  1. I preferably pick an inflatable, but if you choose the wrong one, your kid will get hurt.
  2. Like I said before check the sizes cause big kids can’t play with small kids.
  3. Guaranteeing the security of your youngster starts with acquiring it from a decent maker.
  4. Check and read the instructional information or ask the manager for a better hands-on guide.
  5. But if you buy online, then it must contain the right guideline or booklet.
  6. Look for instruction from a credible source online.
  7. Search for reviews from the manufacturer and if there was a recall then return it or change it for another one.
  8. If buying used then look for any imperfections such as air deflates, cuts, and, the tie downs are working fine.

tie down strap

Parents Safety tips


Nothing is as essential than the wellbeing of your youngster.

I know you have seen the videos of bounce house flying off or kids getting hurt playing.

But it’s because of lousy supervision or horrible set up so if you can’t supervise the kids bring it down.

Remember the manufacturer rules of tying down the inflatable castle.

And the number of kids that are permitted inside the structure at one time.

Try not to let children of various age play as a teenager falling on a little child could cause injuries.

Also, too many adults can’t play when there too many under thirteen kids playing.

As most adults weight a lot more than kids and it’s not a mosh pit concert.

It’s better to separate the age group than telling them not to enter.

Jumping or climbing the walls is a not permitted as it could topple the bounce house.

Tell them also to stay away from the entrances as children may likewise tumble off and hit the ground.



Keeping up Your Bouncy House

When you buy your inflatable castle and want to keep it for a long time, you’ll have to focus on legitimate maintenance.

Try not to stress; it’s not difficult or time-consuming.

Here are several hints:

If you use the bounce house regularly, then you will have to clean it more often than someone who does not.

Youngsters usually will use it at least once a week so you’ll have to keep the jumping area clean.

Children running will bring dirt, therefore, vacuum more and if you don’t then it’s going to make itself dirty and look old.

Once you’ve vacuumed, you can dispose of the soil spots or spills by cleaning them with foam-covered water and a brush.

It’s best to contact the manufacturer while picking the cleaning formula since some formulas will stain more than they clean.

Cleaning won’t only keep it from gathering dust, but dirt could get into a child’s eyes.

We suggest cleaning the equipment after each use.

Disinfect the Bouncy House

Washing it with soap and water won’t kill the germs so you’ll need to disinfect it.

You’ll discover an assortment of disinfecting liquids available however some could harm the inflatable house’s texture.

Disinfecting it by spraying the whole unit and wipe off with a soft fabric.

Keep your bounce house from turning into a germ refuge and looking as good as new.


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