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Making teenagers happy is one difficult task! That is the age in which kids become very difficult and nag about everything, but hey, this is just a face. If your child’s birthday is coming up here are a few tips to make your kid happy!

One of the most important things before getting started with a birthday celebration for a teenager is finding the right theme as this will guide your choices. You should always ask your kid what he has in mind, knowing their likes and dislikes will help you a lot. As the things you might find cool for them may not be as kids in this stage change quick.

 Here are two great ideas that can never go wrong!

Hippie theme

The hippie birthday party theme never gets old! From cool costumes, tons of accessories like glasses and bracelets, great music, psychedelic decors and the perfect attitude, your kid and guests will have a blast!

When making a hippie themed party, there are a few things you need to take into account!


The typical 60´s Volkswagen van should always be present. If you have drawing skills, you can do it yourself.  You can make it out of colorful cardboards, like pink or yellow.  On it, you can paint daisy flowers or psychedelic drawings! This item can be the perfect place for the guests to take cool pictures!

Also, you can get peace and love stickers or psychedelic spirals and patterns at the dollar store and post them on the walls and add a few beaded curtains to the doors! Having a station or a table with cool plastic bracelets and shades can complement the guest costume. Also, add banners with “Welcome to Woodstock” or a hippie birthday banner at the entrance of the party area. That is groovy!

The 60’s mood!

The sixties were a colorful time! Full of peace and love! To get the mood of this era, you can get the perfect gadgets at you favorite party rental, from lava lamps or disco balls to bubble machines to colorful led dance floors!


Hippies were often vegetarians, so you can add a vegetarian but delicious menu, which even meat lovers will enjoy!

Some ideas for the birthday buffet are veggie burgers, Fondue, fruits and veggies, chips with guacamole, and more! For the cake, you can choose a rainbow cake or a daisy flower shaped cake!

The pool party!

Everyone loves a pool party, especially teens, as they are outdoors and play sports like volleyball, enjoy the music, get a nice swim, a cool tan, and a delicious barbeque!

Today we will give you some great tips on how to prepare a birthday pool party!

The first thing you will need is a venue, with pool. If you have a pool at home that will make things smoother for you, otherwise, you can rent a spot at a hotel!


Nature around the pool area always helps, especially if it is filled with palm trees, rose bushes and accompanied by a beautiful sunny weather! You can throw helium balloons or hang beach balls on trees.

For centerpieces, you can decorate with buckets of sand, and sea decorations like plastic starfish or seahorses, and anchors! Also, you can get colorful beach towels with cool beach themes and place them close to the pool area for your guest to lie down and get a suntan!

You will need tables and chairs, for that it would be a great idea to get in touch with your party rental company. They will provide you with the style you are looking for!

The food

When I think about a pool party or an outdoor party, I always think of barbeque, nice grilled burgers, or hotdogs, chips, and soda. But you can bring the beach to your party and have crab dips, nacho fish, shrimps, or some delicious grilled fish! Also, you have an ice-cream stand for all of those who get a little hot or sunburnt J

Activities around the pool!

This is the best part of a pool party as you can do all kinds of activities in or around the pool. One fun activity is volleyball! Also, a swimming competition is nice for those who love going under water.  For the ones that are outside the pool, they can join in a dancing competition by the pool.


Pool Party

Pool Party

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